Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Learning Innovation Talks - Join Us!

Seminar   : Learning Innovation Talks 03
Date         : 22 May (Wed), 2013
Time        : 9:15 AM - 5:00 PM
Program   : Speakers & Schedule
Venue      : Online (WizIQ)


To access the morning and afternoon sessions of the online seminar, please click on the following links (URLs) below, according to the times specified (Check time differences, if you are not Malaysia):
No password is required. Just enter your real name when prompted, and then you can access the sessions.

Click Here if you want to achieve the ‘Digital Certificate of Attendance’ (Registration is required). You must attend both morning and afternoon sessions to achieve this certificate.


Click here to test your system’s compatibility for flash player, browser, operating system, and port settings.


Please use the #LIT03 Twitter hashtag when tweeting about your experiences, ideas, resources and reflections during the online seminar.

Click here to keep yourself updated with the #LIT03 updates.


Click Here to Join the Learning Innovation Circle (LIC). If you have any issues regarding the online seminar, this is the right place to ask questions or provide feedback.


Looking forward to your participation!
Thanks and warm regards,

Organizing Committee
International Medical University

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