Learning Innovation Talks (LIT)

  • What is LIT?
    The idea behind Learning Innovation Talks LIT is to organize 2-3 events per year, whereby educators can get together to share their learning and teaching innovations with one another in a more informal, relaxed, learning enriched, and innovative manner compared to traditional conferences and seminars. There is no fixed format, and it is up to the organizer to explore and innovate how sharing and learning should take place...More
  • Who is organizing LIT 03?
    The 3rd Learning Innovation Talks (LIT) on the 22 May is organized by the International Medical University (IMU). This is the first LIT (history) to be done fully online.

Online Registration

  • How to register for LIT 03?
    CLICK HERE to register online.
  • How much does it cost to attend LIT 03?
    This 1-day online seminar is FREE.
  • How many people can register for LIT 03?
    Currently, LIT 03 is limited to 200 participants.

  • How do I know whether I am confirmed or not?
    You will receive an e-mail notification whether you are confirmed or not, immediately after submitting the online registration form.
  • Once confirmed, what happens?
    If you are confirmed (among the 200 participants), you will receive another e-mail with 2 links (URLs) two days before the event, which will enable you to access the morning and afternoon sessions online for LIT 03 on the 22 May.

Online Seminar: LIT 03

  • How to attend the Online Seminar? 
    Via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom platform. The links (URLs) to attend the seminar, will be sent to your e-mail 2 days before (22 May).
  • What are the minimum requirements for WizIQ Virtual Classroom?
    Click here to test your system’s compatibility for flash player, browser, operating system, and port settings.The minimum requirements for WiZiQ Virtual Classroom are:
    • Windows Xp/NT/2000/VISTA/7
    • MAC OS X onwards
    • Internet Explorer 6 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3. For screen sharing Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 and above
    • Latest Flash player and Java Runtime Environment 1.6
    • Headphones/External mic
    • Web Camera (optional) 
    • More HELP...
  • How to interact with the speakers and other participants?
    The WizIQ Virtual Classroom platform will empower you with a chatbox, which will enable you throughout the seminar to ask questions and provide feedback to the speakers. Also, the chat box is a great tool for interacting and networking with other participants attending the seminar.
  • Can we access the Online Seminar on our Tablets?Yes, but you need to first download the WizIQ app for your Operating System (OS) to view the online seminar.

    Once you have installed the WizIQ app, you need to run the app. Then, you click on 'Enter Class Link' and copy/paste the session URLs (Morning or Evening), which were sent to you by e-mail. Please, remember to enter your real name, because this will be used for attendance verification for achieving the digital certificate.

Digital Certificate

  • How to achieve the 'Digital Certificate of Attendance' for LIT 03?
    To achieve this certificate, you need to:

    1.  Register online to participate in LIT;
    2. Attend both the morning (9:15 - 12.15) and afternoon (14:00 - 17:00) sessions;
    3. Do the mystery quiz, and;
    4. Fill up the online seminar evaluation form.
    The mystery quiz and online seminar evaluation form will be revealed during LIT 03. When during LIT 03? Participate fully to find out :)
  • When do we receive the 'Digital Certificate of Attendance'?
    If you fulfill the requirements just mentioned above, the digital certificate will be sent to your e-mail latest by 29 May (Wed), 2013.

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